Monday, 11 April 2011


Three pics that were originally posted up on the old Shane Glines Drawing Board forum, a place where many an artist or fan of art could stand on the shoulders of giants, such as Shane Glines, Will Wray,  Bruce Timm, Rod Guen and many other big names from the illustration, animation, comics and design world.
Its still running today at but its a pale shadow of the place  it used to be, shame.

Citrus Girls!
Senna Satsuma from an original idea from Tracey Fran

An Errant Catholic School Girl.

Sinbad concept, sketched after hearing plans for an animated feature based on the character, truth be told, I think they should have gone more with this kind of look, rather than the ethnically, watered down, Brad Pitt-a-like they used.

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