Monday, 11 April 2011

Look, It's Almost Done, That Means New Stuff Soon, Surely?

Longest personal project...evaaaah.

Marmoset Toolbag, real time model grabs

Marmoset Toolbag, real time model grabs

Wireframes for those pervs who like to see 3d characters without their clothes on.

Hurry Up And Finish This and Post Some New Stuff!

One day.
Zbrush sculpt and polypaint.

Anderson Psi Division!

Fan art, for one of the great Brit comic characters, I had been working on very masculine sports games for two years so I was itching to create something which was a bit easier on the eye. The intention was to really push the forms and make the character "pop". I'm a big fan of the artist Alberto Ruiz, a guy whose linework is frankly, bordering on genius and the distortion he gets in his pin ups influenced me a lot. Looking at these old pics now, I realise how stiff they are, hopefully that will be improve as I get round to creating newer pieces.

Beyonce, Crazy In Love, tooned up, coloured up.

Photoshop 7 (if I remember)

Beyonce-Crazy In Love, tooned up

Line work, Col-erase on cartridge

What If?...The Power Puff Girls were comic characters.

Planet of the Col-Erase Apes

Fave film, and Roddy McDowell is/was/allways shall be one of the great character actors in genre flicks.

Gorillaz Self Portrait

Had a lot of fun aping (sorry) the style of Jamie Hewlett with this, and no, I have never had green hair but if I was a cool punky Gorillaz character I would like to think I would, instead of the distinctly uncool and unpunky mousey brown mop this 39 year old has.

70's Marvel Comics Rule!

Shang-Chi, The Master Of Kung Fu!


Three pics that were originally posted up on the old Shane Glines Drawing Board forum, a place where many an artist or fan of art could stand on the shoulders of giants, such as Shane Glines, Will Wray,  Bruce Timm, Rod Guen and many other big names from the illustration, animation, comics and design world.
Its still running today at but its a pale shadow of the place  it used to be, shame.

Citrus Girls!
Senna Satsuma from an original idea from Tracey Fran

An Errant Catholic School Girl.

Sinbad concept, sketched after hearing plans for an animated feature based on the character, truth be told, I think they should have gone more with this kind of look, rather than the ethnically, watered down, Brad Pitt-a-like they used.


Idea for a tattoo design, when I toyed with the idea of getting into tattoo art creation, mid 1990's.
I imagined some weird, poorly conceived karmic fire and ice theme, one red dragon and one blue dragon along with the firey and icey geisha gals.  At the time I probably thought it was "Bitchin'", now it looks pretty amateurish. Spent a lot of time on the rather Indo-Asian looking Samurai fella, especially that armour.
A friend who is into his tatts reckoned getting a design like this on your back would be about £700, he could well of been talking rubbish.

Cheapo fineliners on cheapo cartridge paper.


Ok, so seeing this is intended to be a place where I can inflict my scribbles on the eyeballs of those passing through its probably a good idea to post some (old) stuff.

So, in roughly chronological order, first up is a rather "school portfolio" sketch based on the Gladiator movie. I remember spending a couple of days on this, on the dole and waiting for my interview at Rage Software, so we are looking at the summer of 1999 or so. Was quite chuffed with it at the time but looking at it now all I see are places ripe for improvement...Drew Struzan's career is safe.

Graphite on cartridge.

Testing Testing...

....blogs. The saving grace for those of us too lazy and/or stupid to have a  "proper" web presence.
I will be polluting the internets with scribblings, thoughts and random acts of nonsense when and where I get the chance.